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Natural remedies

Hi, does anybody have any natural remedies they use to help clear the lungs and keep you well? I used to swear by a company called Oralmat that produced drops with ryegrass extract and all sorts of minerals which was recommended for respiratory problem , COPD , Emphysema bronchiecstasis , it worked really well and got me through the damp winter months. I have just found out the company have stopped trading and am looking for an alternative, any suggestions?

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The main thing that works for me is twice daily doing the Active Cycle of Breathing Technique, shown to me by the Physiotherapists. Clearing the chest manually, because our cilia don't work and do it automatically, is what helps keep things under control for me.


I need to do this, I surely must have been shown how to do it at some point!

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I do use my acapella but I found using a natural remedy along side kept me feeling really well.

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For me it’s physical physio (chest taps) while using an acapella device .

Apple cider vinegar and strong,high powered manuka honey half and hour before the physio

Ginger, cinnamon and lemon in hot water with honey

Liquorish roots in hot water helps too


All great advice, thanks, I have just started taking turmeric tablets, I have apple cider vinegar and also manuka honey so I will get on it. Many thanks x


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