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Hello everyone.Im still quite new to this forum and finding my way around it gradually.Spoken to some lovely people( like lainey) who have given me great advice.Ive recently bought a book on liver detox and was wondering if anyone has had any success with diet/ liver friendly foods?Just trying ti be proactive while waiting for next appointment.Again any advice on this greatly apprieciated.

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I have been eating much smaller portions more frequently during the day. I am now 24lbs lighter since starting this eating plan. I eat salad, veggies, fruit, gluten free breads and pasta, and mostly chicken, salmon or cod. I keep the protein under 60 grams a day. I am also mostly dairy free. I make a killer vegetable bean soup with turkey bacon. I still eat yogurt. For snacks, and I do love snacking lol, I eat hummus on GF crackers, almond butter on apple or celery. Once in a while, I will have frozen yogurt. I season what I eat, because I want to have a tasty meal, but I am real stringy with using salt or products high in sodium. Once in a while, I will have something off my diet, but I keep it as healthy as possible and don't go crazy and eat a whole pizza or 1/2 a gallon of chocolate ice cream in one sitting. Moderation is the key. I hope this has helped, because I am only here to be helpful. Judi

Thanks its great you lost that weight.Did it affect your blood count at all?I guess im curious to see if it helps.

zipitydoo in reply to cazz22

i started gluten free last November and was hoping my bloods might be better beacuse of it. my liver bloods were the same as before but my inflamation markers had gone even higher which surprised me.


I've never been a great red meat eater but since diagnose I have found that I feel heaps better at night after eating chicken or fish for the evening meal.

Like healthangel I don't add salt to any of my cooking as I think certain things have it added and also some are naturally high in sodium anyway (celery for instance).

My mother and also elderly neighbours whilst I was growing up would chuck handsful of salt into potatoes they were boiling for mash and I personally do not deem it something to do. I've never added salt to my potatoes or any other veg whilst cooking. (I use a stainless steel steamer on legs that simply stands in a pan of boiling water for steaming my vegetables, have done for over 2 decades now. Vegetables certainly keep their fresh colour as opposed to being boiled to death.)

Gluten-free I do find is pretty good. I have a grown-up son still living at home who had a digestive problem a couple years ago. Hospital tests deemed he had a temporary gluten problem, more than likely wheat and he was advised to cut out and then re-introduce over time. He finds that gluten-free as much as possible is the best so I buy gluten-free flour and use that in cooking, for thickening stews, sauces, etc.

Again as healthangel as stated, moderation is the key for all whether with PBC or not I'd say. There are some foods that I used to eat in moderation that I do not bother with at all except on a rare occasion now (ie a pizza at Pizza Hut whilst on holiday, a vegetarian one at that. Last time I had one of those would now be almost 12mths ago and Pizza Hut now do half cheese which my husband and I ordered).

For me it has taken 2yrs for my bloods to actually show up far far better as last yr and prev year they were a bit up and down but have never gone back to the abnormalities they were prior to starting urso Dec 2010.

I did experiment with milk thistle after a 2nd decline in the LFTs and got a good result after only taking one capsule daily for a mth prior to the LFTs being taken. I then stopped taking but my Oct 2012 wasn't so good so I restarted in Dec as I had repeats early 2013. Those I have to say have been my best as yet.

I partake of a cup of pure liquorice tea in the early afternoon. I've always liked liquorice but in a tea form there are no additives or sugar except what is natural to the root. Apparently liquorice is supposed to be good for the liver but I'd not have more than a cup per day myself. Beetroot is another liver booster apparently of which I also like.

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