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Regarding memory. Is it getting worse?

Thank you for all the answers to my memory questions. it seems something that a large number of us suffer from.

At first it was funny but now its getting so bad that I am quite worried where its going to end up. During the past 12 months it really has got a lot worse and if it carries on like this it makes me wonder if I am going to even know who I am in 5 years time.

Also I drive. Not often and certainly not far but sometimes I wonder if I should be doing. But without the car I would be housebound.

Has anyone been suffering with there memory long enough to tell me it stops getting worse?

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hi zipitydoo what a good question!

My role in work is to book appointments with customers

Sometime this involves more than one customer and these past few weeks on more than 1occasion I have had to phone customers back

The customers have said things like "no we discussed that on so and so day "

Which to my horror may have only been the day before !

So far work have not picked this up nut I am worried as its getting much worse.

So any information about how to manage this will help


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