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What should I do about hay fever?

It's only been a few months since I was diagnosed, so now that spring, and hay fever season are here, I'm wondering what to do about seasonal allergies. In the past I've taken antihistamines, but they all have warning labels on the packages that state that people with liver diseases should consult a doctor before taking them. Is there anything I can take to relieve my allergies that won't put too much stress on my liver?

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Hi there, I have perennial rhinitis and have to take one or two anti histamines a day, all year round. Unfortunately nothing else has been offered to me and the doctor seems happy to keep prescribing it. Not sure if he checked with the liver consultant on these but know the GP did on my tranexamic tablets I took for heavy periods. Consultant said it was OK. So maybe if you went to see your doctor sooner rather than later and he could check with your consultant. Good luck


I have perennial rhinitis and take an antihistamine daily 365 days a year. Gastro where Ok with that at the stage Im at.

Hope that helps


Thanks for responding. I don't see my liver specialist again until June, but I suppose could call the clinic and ask them if antihistamines are OK for me (they're pretty good at responding to phone calls). I'm in the early stages of PBC, so I'm hoping they'll say it's OK.


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