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Slightly Enlarged Liver and Spleen

Had all the blood tests you can mention C T scan and finally got my answer PBC.But it dosn't come without all other findings a long the way,also have slightly enlarged liver and spleen and low white platlett count high bad cholesteral.Have had a few appointments with Liver and Haematologist Consultants and glad to say nothing nasty going on at the moment just got to keep a check on me which is a good thing so carn't complain about the way they are looking after me.Just wondered if anyone as got any of these things happening to them.As if all the other things that come with PBC are not enough to cope with ,have been on Urso a couple of months now go for yet another lot of blood tests end of March so should see some better results but as far as the dreaded ITCH goes i have never known anything like it,i get different itching one time like tingling and pins on my skin then again i get bite looking littlle lumps that bleed then scab over ,i would love to have my skin normal again this really is a big problem with me ,hope Urso helps when i've been on it a while,hope it as helped some of you.Thanks for reading any advice more than welcome this is all new to me and still very much in the dark . Take Care

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Hi Cavi welcome to the sight, I too have suffered with the horrendous itch over the last 12years. After just a couple of weeks on the Urso went back to dr as itch was no batter and got prescribed Questran for the itch this gave me bad stomach cramps and diarrrhoea so was put on Questran Light and this agreed with my body much better and did take the itch to more tolerable levels. Over the years I have disovered things that help with the itch and things that make it worse if you click on my icon and read my blogs you can read all about this and my general experiences to date in living with PBC and indeed if you click on all the other members icons you can read their blogs also on here. There are quite a few of us "scratchies" on here you will discover! You are not alone. Take care hope you get some reprieve soon I know only too well how unrelenting, irritating, embarassing and (indeed when really bad) how isolating it can be.


The URSO and the QUESTRAN the Doctors gave me are working well for me,like you my skin is awful with sores,it took about 2 to 3 weeks on the questran to start clearing up my skin. They said it helps the bile get out of your body without bothering your skin. I say Thank God!!!



Urso for me did start to alter the itch and I now have it basically confined to later at night until around 5a.m. It has taken time tho', unfortunately I have to tell you for me for it to improve it did take around 18mths on urso. Some nights I sleep thru it if I do feel itchy, others I can remain awake feeling uncomfortable.

I also have slightly lower than normal white lymphocytes count which I think you mean white platelet count? If so, it can mean (and I'm hoping I get this right as read about this awhile ago and did mention somewhere on this site last year prob), that due to malasborption of certain vitamins and also calcium I believe due to PBC we can tend to make slightly less. MY GP hasn't actually mentioned this one like he has others at times so I presume it is something that can be a normality in PBC. I know the HB one can actually mean (I'm one point below normal, have been awhile) it is something like normal as it can be so for a lot of women in particular and their bodies adjust. (I read about the HB on the Mayo Clinic website.)

I know back in late 2010 when I had a scan mine was showing I had a pretty normal liver but bloods showed slightly inflamed. My bloods are a lot lot better than they were in 2010 (diagnosed Dec 2010, started itching Feb 2010) so I presume everything for me at present is looking pretty good.

Maybe over time your results will start to decrease and things will seem that bit better and continue so. I know for me until I had the first set of bloods 2mths after starting urso I was very wary but once you start to see the figures dropping you do start to pick up somewhat, well I did.


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