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LDN autoimmune treatment - anyone here have experience of LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) and PBC?

Inexpensive treatment available 'Off Label' on NHS if Doctor will prescribe. See these links:





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Interesting and I am very interested to know if anyone on this site (particularly from America as that is where most of the info seems to be from (I have looked up a couple other sites).

I did look up info you can print out from the ldn org website but not so sure reading this bit...

'Intrinsic Toxicity of the Drug

Naltrexone, in full doses of 50-300mg, have been shown to transiently increase liver

enzymes. Patients being prescribed Naltrexone for addictions must have liver function

tests performed before initiating therapy.

This is not necessary with LDN – as the dose is much smaller, however, patients with

advanced liver failure should consult their GP before considering treatment.

Patients with renal or liver failure should only start treatment after a consultation with

their own GP or specialist, and should be monitored during the treatment initiation


Though PBC is listed. I have so far failed to find out if there would be any interactions with urso as one would expect to have to continue taking this as well due to what damage has already started with the bile ducts.


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