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Stage 3 PBC

I have recently been diagnosed with PBC - stage 3, can anyone tell me how advanced this stage is and what is life expectancy at this stage

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Have you been in contact with the PBC foundation here in UK, they should be able to give you advice re staging and any other questions you may have - you can send them a message through here ' PBCRobert' is one who works for the foundation.

Good luck

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I agree...was this on a just a biopsy result because that can differ on where it is taken ...

good luck too from me

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I find all this staging really confusing.

When I filled out an online survey with the British Liver Trust late November 2012 when I clicked I had PBC it came up with some what they considered staging. It didn't give figures at all.

There was 'inflammation', 'fatty liver' and 'cirrhosis'.

As I understand it if one does get to a stage of cirrhosis that can last many many years apparently. We can still live a pretty good life with cirrhosis.

I think lynne-k-g that if you were diagnosed with a biopsy the result can be differing as boneytoys states due to the area it was taken from but also I'm certain in saying that if you were very bad with PBC then you would have received more information when you were informed about this stage.

I also have thought of something else, PBC patients who are diagnosed without any symptons (I started with itching in 2010) I suppose that could be the 1st given it is known as asymptomatic? I know my gastro said after diagnose by AMA that my liver was showing a 'bit of inflammation' on the scan but everything looked pretty normal.

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Does anyone have any experience with that has called C-reactive protein. does anyone have any experience with that have called c reactive protein. I asked for the test many many years ago and it always came back with the highest bad rating which indicate some sort of inflammation in your body but no doctor could tell what inflamation I had. I wonder now if it wasn't PBC all this time. Just wondering.


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