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Can anyone understand these results!

I've posted previously about possible PBC, turns out my auto immune heamolytic anemia is back and hospital are re-testing regarding PBC, in the meantime I have full results from previous tests. I tested positive for AMA/

Anti-mitochondria IgG 160

Anti-mitrochondria igM 320

Mitochondrial Antibody SLE type

Do these figures mean anything?! Will be seeing hospital in 2 weeks but interested if anyone understand them!

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Only thing can tell you is that a positive ama result is usually indicative of pbc in 95% of cases( that 95% fact is according to wikepedia). A positive ama result was how I was diagnosed with pbc back in 2002. Do ask your consultant eactly what the readings mean though your are entitled to have test results explained to you. Best of luck. Take care.


IGG and Igm, are immunoglobulins produced by the liver, often in response to something like PBC. I think the numbers mean the titre of the AMA, ie the dilution, so they dilute the sample until there is no AMA in the sample to see how much is in your blood. Mine is 1000 which is very high, it means they had to dilute it 1000 times before the AMA disappeared. Anything under 40 is a negative test


Hi I have positive igm sorry don't know the numbers I have also had positive Ama test many times including the m2 ama test .my last two Ama tests where 25 of which I was told where low titres but still positive for pbc I'm symptomatic by the way and have been told at the hospital that I have early stage pbc by the way my liver function tests have always been normal I'm about to start urso I don't believe under 40 is negative I've never been told that my ama has been 100 in the past and also 50 and 70 or 75 I asked consultant he said anything over 20 is positive I said what about the low titre he said a positive is a positive I have never received any treatment for pbc so far like I said earlier about to start urso to see if it helps itching and fatigue and upper right quadrant pain I was told by the consultant that a positive IGM is also an indicationer of pbc hope this helps good luck at the hospital x


Seems we all get different reading figures, some ratios, others don't know what it is called, percentages?

My copy of letter to GP end 2010 that gave a diagnose of PBC via the hospital consultant just gave me a figure that stated, "with a high titre" and a figure in the mid 2000's. This was for the AMA, the ANA proved negative. So I don't know there.


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