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incompetant asos

i have had a few medicals with asos and found that everytime i went they cured me at least thats what i thought it meant when i read the paperwork they sent to say i had been awarded nil points amazing that i have been in and out of hospital more times than most people have had hot dinners or thats how it feels then i was told i had to go to a tribunal 1yr and 3months and reduced benefit later to be awarded my esa for everyone that reads this appeal appeal appeal thats what they dont bank on and people are too affraid of loosing but it is how the system works now if you have nothing to hide and the paperwork to back yourself up you cant lose ,getting representation is best but almost impossible as i had to go in person where the judge actually thanked me for coming so no matter what just go for it you have nothing to lose or maybe you have but at least you have tried.

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I had an apology from ATOS and DWP earlier this week,and I couldn't agree more with you



Well done. I worked for over 30 years before losing my job due to ill health. I was found to have an incur able, progressive autoimmune disease. This is my first experience of the benefits system and I didn't have a clue. Applied for ESA last December, Atos medical this march, cured by Atos and ESA disallowed in may, tribunal last month but was suspended because the judge wants to make arrangements for the recording of the Atos medical to be heard. I was told the hearing will probably be after Christmas now


Oops, forgot where I was for a minute, of course the condition is pbc : )


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