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"CRASH" -:(

Well, ya'll, my computer seems to have crashed so I will be going to town to the library for a while. That being said I will probably not be on forum quite as frequently until the problem can be remedied. -:( Not a bad thing, I guess - I really spend waaaaay to much time on it. > the computer.

I am now trying to figure out how to use my phone for internet - have always had it on it, just never used it. Like trying to teach an old dog new tricks. LOL.

Will throw my 2 cents in when I can. Ya'll take care and God bless.


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Sorry to hear you are having problems. i would be lost without my computer. Saying that I have just treated myself to a cheap android tablet from ebay and I love it. Its light to hold but big enough for my fat fingers to type on and great for playing games and surfing the net.


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