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Life is passing me by

It's my birthday today and for some reason I feel really tearful. Perhaps it's because the years are passing by so quickly and for the last six months I have had numerous chest and sinus infections and stomach and digestive problems which just take forever to clear up and lay me really low. I feel life is passing me by. On a good day I am so full of plans for the future and there are so many things I want to do but in reality I'm afraid I have lost my get up and go. I just so wish I had my energy back.

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Happy birthday my best wishes to you Xx



I am 31, in good health thank God, yet have the same feeling at times, that life is passing me by, what have I done so far and what I still want to do - including as a PBC Foundation volunteer.. :) (AND had a bit of depression this year on my b-day too :)) ). That is normal, but even more a challenge when one needs more courage and strength to daily deal with a condition like PBC.

I can understand how bad it gets at times, I had my mom with PBC. But still, do not give up. Worse days, better days.. that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Are you a member of the PBC Foundation? If not, please make yourself that gift and then go to the Members section on pbcfoundation.org.uk. There is something that will surely help, trust me :).


.. and get a good laugh. Seriously, there is laughter therapy out there, well documented. It changes things in the body, in a positive way. Enjoy the day, and the week, and the whole life :)


Hi MoPo

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You sound as if you have had a hard few months, and that it has been one thing after another for you, not wonder you feel fed up. But listen,think about those good days and the plans you are making for the future- always focus on them, we all need hope and a goal. Remember, its small steps, and one day at a time,things have to, and will get better I hope for you.



Happy Birthday MoPo !!


Hello MoPo

Happy birthday! Some days are better than others, I cant get focused one day and feel so down, the next i move mountains and on a high.

I bought a plaque for the kitchen which sums it up for me 'do one thing you love everyday', that cheers me up cos it can be something so small as cuddling the dog ;-)

Enjoy your day xxx


Happy Birthday and very many happy returns.

I know how you feel as I have days like that too. But why not plan something to look forward to. I don't know your circumstances but a short holiday or just a day out with a friend so that you have something to look forward to can be a real tonic. PBC can be very debilitating but try not to let it take over your life. If you try to pace yourself there's still a lot of fun to be had and even tiny things can give one pleasure.

Take care and I hope you have a lovely day xx


Happy Birthday MoPo. So sorry your feeling down on your birthday. I felt the same on my birthday last month. While I was busy and had people around I was okay, but when on my own I was tearful. To be honest though I've always suffered the blues, so not sure if its the PBC or me just being me. Take care.


Happy Birthday MoPo,

just take each day as it comes. enjoy what you can do and worry less about what you cant. :-)


Happy Birthday MoPo - -:)

Some of my birthdays were better than others. The tough ones for me are when my kids don't call. Now this last one was a zinger - the kids called but the "year" was a bit much for me to grab hold of. lol Yet, ya know, every day is a challenge for us and if we try to look at it as such and make the best of it, by the end of the day it's like "wow! that wasn't so bad". (I'm having trouble trying to put my tho'ts down right now - is that PBC fog??? lol) Have you every tho't of volunteering at a hospital or nursing home and giving someone some joy - even when you are the one that needs it? It can have a wonderful "reverse effect". -:). And yet, just a good old fashioned boo-hoo'in cry can be a wonderful release.

Hope that you have had a wonderful day, in spite of - - -. -:)


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you...happy birthday to MoPo, happy birthday to you!

My get up and go, got up and went! You are not alone with this feeling and it too shall pass. Zipitydoo's advice is good, "one day at a time."

Wishes for a happy birthday and better days ahead......


Hi MoPo , just wanted to say HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are not alone.

Some real wisdom in the comments above. Be kind to yourself. Hope tomorrow is better. Big Hugs


I can't speak for anyone else, but I think depression is a common thing in all of us that continues to come and go. Really it's one thing to have to live with a disease, but we also live with all the other things that come along with PBC and on top of it look well. It is a hard thing to try and sell to people. Just rember that the ones close to you will get it and if you let them in and don't be afraid to say I'm not dealing with this so well today, they will give you that hug you need.


Penblwydd Hapus MoPo! Happy birthday from Wales.

Think we have to aim to achieve one small thing a day, rather than the million-and-one things that fill our heads when we wake up each day.

One small success, rather than loads of fail-to-dos!

Have a good birthday.


Happy Birthday MoPo,

Another year older but another year wiser! You now know you are not alone with your problems and there are people who understand that you can "talk" to when you feel down.

I hope this birthday year is a better one for you.



i have an upper respiratory sinus infection right now, but i refuse to stay home, so i'm working and then coming home and getting in jammies, my husband is being really great, brought me home orange sherbert to make me feel better. gotta love this guy.


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