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Ama2 positive

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I was diagnosed with fatty liver back in February 2018 I immediately changed my diet and started exercising lost 44 lb and I've had a biopsy done and the biopsy looks great the, I did test positive for AMA 2 too but the biopsies doesn't show PBC and my liver enzymes are all back in normal range is it possible to have a false positive for AMA 2 to indicating PBC because the doctor says my biopsy doesn't show PBC and my liver doesn't look fatty anymore

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Well done with the lifestyle changes - sounds like you are reaping the rewards. Keep going and dont worry about what might be ☺☺

AMA-M2, alone is not enough to diagnose PBC. From 'Blood donor ' statistics, about 8% of people in the UK have AMA-M2, and only about 1.5% of those ever go on to develop PBC. However, you need to keep up the good work. Also you must have annual bloods/lft tests, etc (if not more often, as your lfts were out of kilter). They should keep a close eye on you, as AMA-M" plus abnormal lfts (in a manner typical of PBC: eg raised ALP, ALt, Ast, and also my consultant goes by raised GGT), would normally be enough for a diagnosis if PBC.

Take care and do keep on exercising, eating well and having fun to avoid stress.


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VeeWat in reply to GrittyReads

Can LFT return to normal with urso? Will urso stop disease progression.

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GrittyReads in reply to VeeWat

I believe that some lucky people do have their lfts go back to normal, although it seems more common for at least one of the tests - eg for APL - to remain high: although even that will usually come down from previous 'mega-highs' to something less worrying.

However, as yet, it is not known how to cure PBC, and I believe that Urso only slows progression, rather than stopping it. So, no one is ever really cured of PBC, and stopping urso would probably result in lfts soon becoming dangerously high again.

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