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I have just been diagnosed with PBC. My AMA was double and my alk phos was elevated with the lab work my family doctor ordered. She then referred me to a GI dr who ordered more blood work and put me on ursoliol... I just received my lab work on line....everything that he ordered was normal !! Except it said i have steaosis (sp?) So now i'm wondering if i even have PBC ! I go back to Dr tomorrow to see what he has to say....:(

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Hello Blessed123, I hope that when you see the doctor that you will be told that you do not have PBC, come back and let us know how you get on.

best wishes

Hello butterflyEi , when i went back to DR he told me that yes i do have the PBC but it's in the very early stages. I am still on the ursodiol. It seems to be helping with the itching and pain. I go back in 6 months and have to have more blood work


I also was just diagnosed and put on Urso. My Bloods were like yours and I had a slight fatty liver which is steatosis I believe. I am on Urso now for 5 days. I am now waiting to be referred to a liver specialist but the drs were quite sure with ALP and GGT up as well as my positive AMA that I have PBC. Sounds like we are at a similar point. It is all very hard to get my head around. Trying to be positive and learn what I can. This group is a great for inf and support. I hope you are doing ok and keep us updated.

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