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Abdominal and pelvic varices

i was in hospital 4 yrs ago and was completely yellow and had hepatic encepathy. i was totally non communicative but was able to think just not talk. i was rushed to the hospital and was needing a blood transfusion and was started on lactulose for toxin removal. however i noticed veins from the cirrhotic liver had become prominent.

i am 49 and single with hardly any money and seeing that i survived without requiring a transplant as we s peak was very exciting .i know deal with pelvic varices that prevent me from dating. have to to live with the m othese have a a way to go away or do i have to live with these?

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Sorry I can't help regarding the varices, you could try ringing the PBC Foundation I'm sure they'll be able to advise you. Hope things improve for you soon.


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