Occupational health waste of time

I have been suffering with costochondritis in my chest and shoulder for over a year now that's how my diagnosis for pbc was discovered, I cannot use my bath as I can't put pressure on my arms , we live in a social house so don't have a shower. I waited 3 months for occupational health to come and assess me they came today and all they can offer me is a chair pump machine for the bath and no shower, I have 2 children so this wouldn't be practical having to lift a heavy machine in and out all the time. I have bought a shower and tiled the walls, all I need is someone to fit it and can't find anyone, I am having to go swimming every day before work just so I can use the showers there. I just don't think I'm being treated fairly.

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  • Most plumbers can fit a shower and know someone that can do the tiles. Hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Thank you. It's hard trying to find one that can do electrics as well and within my budget, I will just keep trying. Off to the pool now lol x

  • I've just taken up swimming as I also have arthritis and thought it might help. Not a great swimmer I'm so slow women twice my age are overtaking me 😂

  • I had costrochondritis when I was pregnant so I understand how incredibly painful it is.

    I used to see a pain management consultant for neck pain and she told me that if the pain from costrochondritis didn't settle it could be treated by steroid injections into the area.

    I know it won't help your situation with the bath but perhaps it might be something you could request? X

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