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"One more time to the emergency room, in the long run over on the morphine! that doesn't help either! It is a strong inflammation of the tendons, according to the doctor it doesn't hurt to paracetamol etc to swallow because my kidney function is good, while you read war damage everywhere the medication can make to the liver! I do not know more with the doctors today "

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It sounds like you went to the emergency room and they gave you morphine which did not help? Then the doctor said you could take paracetamol but that can be bad for your liver?

I have noticed recently that we're not supposed to take a lot of medicines because they are bad for our liver. But nearly everytime the doctor wants me to take a pain medication it is always something on the "no, no" list. I have come to the conclusion that there just isn't anything else. If we have to take an over the counter pain killer , I guess we should do so very mindfully and take the smallest amount we can get away with. Almost everything that goes into our mouths goes straight to the liver. It's tough working our way through this disease.

I'm not sure what sent you to the emergency room but I am sending up a prayer for you. Stay as well as you can.


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