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Geheugen verlies

Ik schrijf het even in het Nederlands. Hoop dat het vertaalt wordt.

ik maak mij zorgen om mijn geheugen verlies vooral het kort termijn geheugen.

Herkend iemand dit bij pbc . Niemand gelooft mij dat dit hiermee te maken kan hebben.

is dit normaal bij deze ziekte. Ik werk in de gezondheids zorg en deel medicijnen op het werk . Dit wordt dus een probleem.!

Hoop op een antwoord.

Groetjes Marianne

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Sorry I don't understand Dutch 😔



I see from Google translate that you are asking the following regarding short term memory-forgetfulness.

"I worry about my memory loss especially short-term memory. Does anyone recognize this at pbc. Nobody believes that this can be done with this. is this normal in this disease. I work in health care and share medicine at work. This will be a problem.! "

I am 65 with PBC diagnosed almost 2 years. I have noticed a lot more brain fog than before... is some of that normal aging- or PBC related. I don't know. I have started to use coping things-- I write down things so I remember-- I set a timer on my phone when I put eggs to boil on the stove I understand your concerns regarding your job and distributing medicine- you don't want to forget or miss giving out doses.

Is it possible to ease in to a different role with your work? I am sure this is very disconcerting for you. I hope others have feedback too now that it's translated.


Thanks for your answer, and translates Green marianne


Thank you EileenUSA for the translation. I can share my experience with brain fog. Im just 43 years old & started misplacing things, losing my train of thought in mid sentence. I get easily confused, sort of lethargic, thought I was completely losing my mind. Im at stage 4 with this disease we all are suffering. My university heptologist informed me that this is normal for PBC'ers due to the toxins in our blood that the liver can no longer filter out. In my case I have way to much ammonia in my system that it's effecting the way my neurons work in my brain, causing all the confusion & whatnot. I was placed on a medication called Xifaxan. This helps to break down the ammonia & helps with my issues. It's really bad in the evenings or simply when Im super exhausted. I have been without this medication for over a month now due to insurance issues & I can tell that my focus & concentration isn't well. My insurance has finally approved the medication for up to a year, I just need to pick it up, thankfully. Hope this helps.

Stay strong❣️



Thanks !!

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My partner is Dutch and has translated your message too... it reads:

I worry about my memory loss, especiallyl my short term memory.

Does anybody recognize this with PCB. No one here believes this is related.

Is this normal with this illness. I am working in the health care sector and disperse medicines (pills) at work. So this will cause a problem.!

Marianne - if you want to write in Dutch, My partner will translate it for the site. My Dutch is not so good but I understand some of it.

All the best,

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Thanks that will help !!!


Just so everyone knows for future reference , google has an app you can leave it on your bookmark bar. Then when you want anything translated you click the icon it will say translate this page, or open translate. Easy as pie.

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This article may help many of us to understand the 'brain fog' issues most of us get - I'm Stage 4 and HE (Hepatic Encephalopathy) is starting to impact my life quite a bit.



Thanks for the information