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Hi! I'm new here, from Europe, Hungary. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with overlap syndrom of PBC/AHI . I' ve taken urso from the beginning and I started taking immuran 10 years ago. My itching has disappeared, but the tiredness and headachec occure regularly. My bloodtest is different from time to time (ups and downs), but never normal. (GGT, ALP,) I work fulltime.

I want to know if there is anyone else here from Hungary and from any part of the world who has had this problem for 20 years or more too.

Thanks for reply!

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Hi I live in UK had PBC about 15 years fingers crossed with Urso helps controll it. But I suffer with fatigue and dryness of the eyes and mouth.


Hi Dodo8

I hope you find someone from Hungary but if not welcome to this wonderful group of people and resource. I was diagnosed 2006 but with hindsight know that I had symptoms up to 10 years before that. Stay well.

best wishes

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