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PBC - Fibrosis stage 2

I was diagnosed 1 year ago, asymtematic with the exception of elevated enzymes. I am symptom free. I have fibrosis stage 2 as per a liver biopsy. I take Urso 500 three times a day. Ultrasounds and CT scabs said that I have. Cirrhosis but they were wrong. I work 40 plus hours per week as A Director of Social Services. I pray everyday and enjoy every day that I have. Whining accomplishes nothing.

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Hmm. My ultra sound and CT scan also said I had cirrhosis. My liver biopsy revealed fibrosis. Nobody said what stage. I'm going with early stage 2! Haha...self diagnosed. I do not have the major symptoms...you know, the itching or super fatigue. I have lost a few teeth this year however. Looks like you are in good shape! Welcome and here's wishing you many more years of the reasonably good health you already seem to have.


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