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Advice needed please!

Hi there,

Just wondered if anyone has any advice as to how to cope with moving house. Due to move in August, about 2 hour journey from where we live now and I'm worried how to cope with the physical demands of packing, lifting, sorting etc.

Spent the day yesterday travelling over there and looking round a few schools with my daughter, and yes you guessed it...the PBC has got the better of me today and I've accomplished very little today due to the exhaustion!! So frustrating!

Has anyone got any advice how to cope with the physical demands of moving house...any coping strategies?

Thank you and best Wishes,


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I had a difficult move a year ago. I got large strong boxes from friends , people who had moved etc , bought cheap bubble wrap from B & Q gardening section, saved piles of newspaper. and started packing months before the move. It meant we ended looking very bare but I packed myself and left the boxes at the side of the room ready for the removal man to collect and stack in his van. This meant that I could do a box at a time when I was in the mood.


Thank you! Think that's the answer, will start packing now and stacking boxes up. (We are looking at hiring a van ourselves and driving it, but I will worry about that bit when it comes to it!! 🙄

Hope you've settled in your new house 😊


Hi Caroline-12

I packed for my Mum and had a removal company do the heavy lifting.

I went to various local supermarkets and asked for their banana boxes, if I timed it right I was able to get bottom and lid. These boxes are small enough to carry so you cannot overfill them. The down side is that you have to line the bottom with something otherwise small stuff can fall through the middle hole but not a problem for plates etc. I made a list of everything going into a box and numbered the box and the list. With numbered boxes the removal men will know which room you want the box to go to. Pack a box when you can over the next few months and ask for help. I was dreadful at asking for help! And of course our worst enemy stress - not easy but try to avoid stressing too much.

best wishes with the move


Thank you v much for advice, you sound very organised. I will do that thank you!

My Autistic son is going through GCSE's, (mild autism, severe dyslexia...makes for an interesting life, bless him!) then we are moving house and areas, moving our daughter's school, putting our son through agricultural college (main reason for moving)

Stressed....just a little!!! 🙄

Best Wishes


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