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Ill health retirment

I have been off work with the local government for over 2 years .. after being referred on admition to hospital for my stroke symptoms they said they didn't need to do an MRI as a ct scan had shown nothing abnormal....obviously my consultant dissagreed and one was order which didn't shown any evidence of a stroke and all tests came back normal..I have not work since as I work as a ta in a challenging environment....I have various dissablilitites which include left sided weakness,pins and needles and numbness in my extremities,poor coordination and very low mobility due to my left sided weakness.....I have been advised my employers to seek ill health retirement as they feel even thought I've had physio,speech therapy as I suffer from dispraxia and aphasia (which means I cannot always find the right words and use them in context) I can no longer do my job....I've been seen by the pensions doctor and his report says I will never work again due to my disabilities.....all this evidence was sent to the dissuasion maker along with any other relevant information they required....I've received a letter to say that they have turned down my case for ill health retirement and they say they think in a year or 2 I will improve....my hr department as told me I need to appeal....what I don't understand is from all the reports from a doctor that works for the pensions aurority states I can no longer work howhas this dission been reached...wonder if anybody else has had similar problems

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