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Happy Monday everyone!!

Quick question... Do different sports have positive and negative impacts on PBC? Where I'm coming from with this is that i train BJJ for the last year or so. For me it's great! Although I love it and wouldn't want to give it up, your body can get a bit battered from time to time! Especially being a girl and we're the minority in this sport (in Ireland anyways!), you can definitely fell the pressure when training with guys, with them usually being that bit heavier! So really my question is, would a sport like BJJ have a negative impact on liver considering we have a liver condition?!

Thanks :)

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Hi Emer. Not sure how many people will know what BJJ is to be honest. Had to look it up myself. My own specialist (I'm in Ireland too btw) told me, apart from taking URSO, the best thing I could do for myself was to eat healthily, stay slim & exercise. He said little or no alcohol but no changes to diet were necessary or would be beneficial. I think if the disease progresses then dietary changes will be necessary at that point. But in relation to exercise he didn't go into specifics. Best thing you could do is run it by your own doctor.


Hi Emer and Lisa, I'm in Ireland too. I don't know what BJJ is either, I just eat healthy, take a few supplements and Urso and hope for the best! I'm way past my sporting days but I think maybe you ought to ask your doctor - not that doctors have much idea about PBC, in my experience anyway.


Hi Emer. I had to google BJJ too :). I don't take part in any contact sport but I run regularly (around 20 miles per week) and do weight lifting at the gym. I find this has a positive impact on my mental wellbeing aswell as physical. I'm 50 and was diagnosed a year ago. I find that even if I am having the odd down day, exercise gives me a lift. I do suffer from liver pain and pain in my upper stomach from time to time but when I go out and run, this just goes within minutes. I for one will carry on exercising for as long as I am physically able. Good luck :)


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