Throat swelling anyone?

Hi I was diagnosed with Pbc in Jan13 due to nodules on my liver( no other symptoms except raised Ggt-120)I cannot tolerate urso well and only take450mg daily when I should be over 1000 however my liver results are bordering on normal now.Was told at Christmas some of the nodules had got bigger so had ct scan with dye for results to come back ok.Working full time and no problems until 2 weeks ago.Soaking in the bath I felt like I had a piece of string tight round my throat.This went on all week until I noticed a swelling( not a lump) at base of my neck.I had part of my thyroid removed 12 years ago due to a 'lump' -not a goitre on it but it works perfectly.Docs sent off a barrage of tests-thyroid fine-but showing some ' inflammation somewhere.Got neck scan in morning but a bit worried as it's not like last time.Anyone had similer?

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  • Not had similar but just want to wish you good luck with the scan and hope all goes well tomorrow.

  • Hi Cazz22

    Read your post with great interest...I just started having throat tightening, i even struggle swallowing coffee at times. I do not have a history of thyroid issues, though. My next appointment isn't until September, i am scheduled for an endoscopy. Please let me know how you are doing. Wishing you all the best!

  • Thanks Angel andGael.Had scan this morning so fingers crossed it's nothing.Thought I was doing ok with this Pbc thing but then again it may not be related.Will keep you posted

  • Well blood results came back amazing-my half thyroid working better than most full ones do apparently.bloods show inflammation somewhere tho

    Ha scan results in-2 nodules on thyroid -not cancerous tho so no further action to be taken tho I'm choking!!!!

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