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First endoscope

Hi all, I went for my first endoscope yesterday and no sign of varices - yay. But they did find a sessile polyp, the report said they are doing a biopsy. Does anyone have any experience with this that can tell me what to expect next? I have googled it and it doesn't seem to be anything to do with the PBC. But as I am new at all this I could be wrong. Its beginning to feel like everytime I think I understand this whole thing - something else crops up.

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Hi Angel_b

I do not have any experience of this so am unable to give you anything positive other than to suggest that if no one comes along with experience and you are unable to get an answer from your doctor you could telephone or email the PBC Foundation (free to join through the icon above if not already a member) they will be able to refer your question to their specialists who I am sure could answer you.

Certainly not everything we get is because of PBC as you have already said and I totally agree with you when you think you have got it sorted up comes something else.

best wishes

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I am very new to PBC, so again cannot help. Glad there were no varices.

I just wanted to send a virtual hug and to echo what ButterflyEi mentioned.

Ring the PBC foundation, I was helped albeit they make take time to hook you up with the right person to advise.

I a so glad I rang as I have been able to make some decisions in early days and ask the right questions regarding my treatment.

Keep well and good luck.



Thank you both will give them a ring tomorrow and see what they suggest. I never think of asking questions at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing lol


I had an endoscopy and they removed one but it was fine. No problems when it was tested

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Thanks Janine541 did you have to go back to have it removed or did they remove it at the time? I'm not sure if they have removed it or not. It just says on the report where it was located.


They just took a biopsy off it and it was already burst x

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Thanks Janine541 its always reassuring to hear someone that's had similar experiences


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