UKeld score

Does anyone know what there Ukeld Score if so would you mind saying what it is confused with meld score and ukeld score are they two different results i think in saying they use ukeld score at Q E Hospital for how long it is before you need to go for Liver assessment for Transplant List any info so much appreciated my Meld score is 7 Ukeld score 39 am i nearly there xx

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  • Hi cavi

    49 is the lowest number to get on transplant list. I am currently at 46.

  • Hi Kimphoebe

    Do you know how long you have been 46 score and can we stay at these numbers for years i know they say how long is a piece of string are you keeping well as can be i dont feel to bad to be honest x

  • Not sure what my score is now but 46 was 2 years ago. I will be attended clinic in QE on Monday I shall ask. My last fibroscan score three weeks ago was 16.3. Have you had one done

  • No never had one went to QE last Monday do you see different Liver Consultants have you seen Andrew Holt what do you think of him if you have please let me know your latest score and how your x doing

  • Hi cavi

    Normally see diff docs each time but I'm under dr. Hertchfield. Seen prof neuburger last time. Had my fibroscan done during a clinical trial. I wish they would just a little more informative during appointments.

  • Hi all im at 51although not on list.i know that even though you can go at 49 they dont like listing immediately as you can end up sat at the bottom of list with people passing you by.also what im sure is worst still to have to come back off list as you readings have frationally improved.

    Im going monthly now to qe as on rifixamin for mild h.enceph.

    The consultant said as my bilirubin gets closer to 50 i will get put forward for asessment !

    Im struggling i have to say i havent been able to work for 17yrs and the fatigue is pretty awful..

    Just want to get on list..also have varices etc wishes cazer.

    P.s. sorry dont know my meld ..i think ukeld includes sodium but that could be wrong.

  • Sorry I have never hears of a Ukeld score but i know my meld is 19.5 and was told that I have now gone into the fibrosis stage but reading the chart 19.5 is F4 and that indicates cirrhosis but hep said it's fibrosis, so I am as wise as you are. I hope Kimphoebe can find out and let us all know what it is.

  • Hi all

    The trouble is this pbc is different for everyone, it's a bit of a mind field. I will hopefully get some more info on Monday but that depends on which doc I get they not all willing to give to much info.

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