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Fibrosure confusion

I had a nash fibro test last year and my fibrosis score was 0.06 I had an updated one month ago and the dr said it was 0.07 bit didnt have the fatty liver and nash score. So I went back and they supposbly redid the correct one which showed 0.48 which is f1 fibrosis possibly f2. I have lost weight over this time and also my a1c has went down. I dont see how it could have progressed this quickly. Also this last test didnt give me the fatty liver ir nash scores either. I dont know what is going on. Im.nervous and dont understand how it could have gotten this bad so soon. Could this have been the wrong test? She told me to ignore the 1nd test because it wasnt the correct one but that result would make much more sense. Also if the right test was done why are the fatty liver and nash score not on there? Help please

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