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GP210 positive- scared

hello everyone! i am so worried. I'm 44 and in a routine test done 20 days ago, i had positive ANA and positive GP210. I am so worried as from all the readings i have done, it seems PBC has a poor prognosis with the GP210 positive. I am italian, but working in Tunisia for the moment. I am repeating all blood exams, including the GP210, AMA and liver functionality analysis, and am expecting a response beginning next week. Am scared.

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Hi adaf

Welcome to the group, I am sorry to read that you may have PBC. It is not a well known disease but it does have a better outcome now and it is known to be a slow progressive disease for most. I was diagnosed in 2006 although I most certainly had symptoms a good deal of time before that and now that I am managed and take Ursodeoxycholic Acid (Ursofalk) regularly I expect to have a good life yet.

An enemy to us all is stress so please try not to worry (easier said than done) until you have your diagnosis. One of the best things I read when I was first diagnosed was that I was more likely to die with PBC than because of it and with better medical intervention sufferers have a better outcome. Having said that it is good to become your own advocate especially if you find the medical people that you have to deal with unhelpful.

Once you have your diagnosis, join the PBC Foundation, free to join through the logo above. The members section has some good information and the Bear Facts Magazine which has good articles can also be sourced.

Try to learn from accredited sites rather than some of the scary uninformed web pages that can be found.

PBCers.Org is an American group


Liver North has a good DVD in English and I am sure they could post abroad however you may need to pay the postage


and of course

this page here on Health Unlocked is invaluable = there is a wealth of experience from a range of age groups and I am sure you will get lots of help

best wishes


Hi there and welcome. I've had Pbc 18 yrs and am told I have slow progression. I've only heard of the gp210 recently whilst researching something else online. It would appear that this is a more aggressive form of Pbc. Try not to worry the outcome is good for transplant, something I'm sure your doctor will discuss with you at the relevant time. My friend had a transplant last year and is doing really well.

Take care and keep in touch 😊

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I'm not aure what that all means. Does your doctor say you might have PBC? PBC when you first hear about it is scary but you just have to educate yourself and be aware of how you feel. Take your medication and you will more than likely stay where you are at the moment. Try not to worry. However someone with more knowledge of blood test results might be more aware of what they mean exactly.

Best wishes.


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Hi Adaf

I to am ana positive and gp210 positive. All the info does say it is a more aggressive form of pbc. I have been dx now for 5 years but no one at hospital as told me that . Did ask once and was told not to worry but that's easier said than done. What it means is that they will keep a closer eye on you which they do me. Please do not worry to much bout it.

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What is positive ANA? I have ataxia mutation gene (ATM), hgh risk for breast cancer. Does it have anything to do with that? I'm of Italian decent and we believe ATM was inherited from my Italian father. Maybe pbc goes w it. I get scared too but I have no symptoms besides my blood tests, antimitochondrial antibody and high aph, ast and atl. Hang in there and good luck sunshine!




I am 39 and during a checkup at the reaumatologist for neck pain I had pos ANA and gp210. I am so scared ... I wonder how is it going with you.. Did you get PBC diagnosis?


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