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Hi, have been diagnosed 4 years and also have a small hiatus hernia. I have used that as the reason why I have had loads of acid reflux etc,I'm on Lansoprazole which has helped. In the past. The pain has increased to an unbearable amount and have just, after an gastroscope been diagnosed with severe gastritis. Briefly looking through Google there seems to be a connection with taking Urso. Has anyone else suffered with gastritis while taking Urso? Thanks all.

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Hello Lisacj.

Back in December 2010 after I stated taking the urso on diagnosis of PBC I started encountering heartburn that I never had pre-urso. It lasted a few months and then seemed to vanish. I know when I had a change of the urso (different pharma) I started with heartburn again so presumed maybe fillers in them.

I do at times get mild heartburn usually in the evening so I swapped how I take the urso a couple mths ago and find it's seemingly helped. I think with us taking a form of acid, it figures I think. Bile is usually stored in the gallbladder and if there isn't a gallbladder then it apparently drips into the intestines where it would normally flow from the gallbladder. When we take the urso it goes directly to the stomach and to me that is one reason I think we can have problems at certain times.

The times I've had heartburn I've just munched a couple calcium with vit D cheap tablets from the supermarket. They are the same as the UK Rennie but far far cheaper and unlike Rennie they do not contain colourings/flavours. Also I find peeling and cutting up an apple and eating that seems to settle things.


Thanks for the reply, mine is at a point where I have bleeding in my stomach and am on 4 PPI a day, plus painkillers. Gastroscope has confirmed gastritis. I have lived with heart burn for years but this is totally unbearable pain at night. I was just wondering about. Urso and gastritis being associated? Google seems to say yes? Thanks again,


what? I have a stomach ulcer and have had it for 11 years - URSO could make it worse??


From what I've read yes Urso could make it worse, Becxa75. Urso is known to cause acid reflux in some cases and I turn that extra acid can make an ulcer worse too. Really worth checking, although most drs pass it off as they don't seem to know .


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