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My best way to deal with the itching

So I've itchy for 20+ years. The best thing i've found is giving my self a "skin bath" using a natural bristle fibre long handled brush at least one before going to sleep. I find when changing clothes and getting a chill really affects me. Mostly on my back but at any one time i could probably notice 15-20 spots on my body simultaneously itchy. Like right now. This a like a lymphatic massage so work from your feet to your heart and then head down towards lymph nodes.

Feels divine. better than any ordinary back srcatcher! or trying to direct your partner who never gets the right spot! haha. Or cream.

Try it and let me know how you go.

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Interesting reading your 'skin bath' experience as I find that when I have done similar all it does is make my skin feel even worse, more prickly. I find for myself just rubbing seems to bring better relief. Odd how we all seem to encounter the same itch with PBC yet our dealings with it gives us such mixed results.


I normally do the brushing just before I have a shower, and yes i agree with you about men never scratching the place you tell them is itching, my back itches terribly where my bra fastens all the time, it doesn't help that I have a metal allergy, i don't know if he thinks my bra fastens at the back of my neck or round my waist but he scratches or brushes everywhere but where the itch is, I really must get a long handle brush as mine looks like one of those that you brush a horse with :o) sort of round with a strap on.


That reminded me of when i was fifst ill and pregnant i used an old hairbrush for scrubbing my feet and stomach..it didnt break my skin but gave some relief!!! Funny thing was my son who was 3 at the time thought this was normal behaviour!! and used to copy me.cazer


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