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Another liver biospy

Hi I have had pbc for the past 6 years, I had a liver biospy at the beginning....I recently had ultrasound they found enlarged nodes in stomach and pancreas, was then sent for ct scan, consultant says nothing sinister going on and it happens with some patients, but blood test reading are high, so now I have to have another liver biopsy...feeling scared

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Hello Dibbs64.

I obviously can't comment on why your consultant wants another liver biopsy as I'm no medic.

I have been diagnosed with PBC since Dec 2010. Started itching early 2010 and went to see doctor. Bloods were abnormal and I had a scan a few months later. Scan showed things to look normal. Had the antibodies tests and from there was diagnosed and started on urso Dec 2010.

At present I seem to be doing fine. Nothing further other than the itch I still have that is confined to night these days (better than 24/7 like in the early days). My bloods are still abnormal but seem to remain steady.

I cannot understand why you have been requested having another biopsy as if diagnosed with PBC having a biopsy won't alter any treatment. I presume you mean a standard biopsy.

I've never had a biopsy and now would I agree to having one now being diagnosed by the 3 factors originally. A biopsy is supposed to stage PBC but a lot of medics even disagree now with the results as the liver is a large organ and one part can be normal, another notso. PBC is said to be able to be diagnosed with a biopsy due to cell changes and seems that normal to have one if there is any doubt re a diagnosis. I know in the UK where I am biopsies aren't the norm.

Have you asked the consultant to explain exactly why he feels that you should have another biopsy. He might be able to explain things more fully. I know it can be unnerving at times thinking of what to ask as we all tend to feel vulnerable in having something and seeing a doctor. I know I prefer to think about things myself but often find in front of a doctor there are things that we tend to think of after the consult. I'd perhaps try and ring the consultant's secretary if you have a telephone number. I know back in early 2011 my consultant wrote me a letter that was a bit different to the one he sent my GP (I got the GP to print out a copy of the consultant's that he received) and it was said my Vit D was 'a bit low'. I wanted to know what this meant so rang the consultant's secretary and asked her in a number so I had a better idea as the statement meant nothing to me. She said what the figure was and said she'd pop all the blood results in the post for me.


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