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First consultation since diagnosis


Am due to go for my first consultation tomorrow since being diagnosed in July of this year. Just wondering if anyone would suggest any questions that would be helpful as everything I thought of since July has seemed to of left my brain and I can't think straight at all. With being new to all this I don't know what will be involved during my consultation. Do I tell him about my mental confusion, my painful dry eyes and the painful body?

Hope this makes sense sorry if it doesn't I can't seem to string a sentance together today.


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Tell him everything Jayne. Make a list of what you want to say and go through it. Take someone with you if you can, 2 brains better than 1. All the things you have mentioned sound normal to me for PBC. Good Luck.


Thanks for your quick reply. Don't know why I am stressing about going tomorrow. My husband is coming with me. The trouble with me stressing is I can't concentrate and am in utter confusion today.

Thanks again


Hi Jayne,

I agree with Oidra that you tell everything that ails you to you doctor.

I've been through confusion and fatigue and all sorts of pains, but with a cocktail of medication I am now a different person, except for some fatigue especially in the early mornings.

Best of luck!


Hi. Try to be positive things may not be too bad. Good luck..


Oidra's right about writing it down. Trying to do it today/tonight will help you to focus, instead of it going round and round, just in your head and hoping to remember it all. Plus, meanwhile you can keep going back to the list if you remember something else when you are in the bath ... whatever. And tomorrow, the list will be there to help your husband, so he will have it all in front of him and you can both see if you've forgotten something. Meanwhile, try to relax, be good to yourself today, treat yourself and have an early night if possible. Are you seeing the same one who diagnosed you? I hope he/she is nice and you can build a realationship.


I agree - write all your questions down at the time you think of them. The list won't make sense to anyone else but it will to you. Absolutely take someone with you. I feel lucky because I see a great consultant at my hospital and have confidence in her. Hope you build up a good relationship with yours as we are usually in this for the 'long haul'.


Thanks for all your replies. I have just got back from seeing my consultant and she seemed pleased with my bloods. I am pleased that she is getting me on the data base for trials. When I mentioned my brain fog she said to perhaps try doing a crossword, that will be interesting I will have to make sure that the answers are in the back.

Thanks for all your support


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