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Other symptoms?

I have had pbc and antiphospholipid syndrome for 10 years and am doing well.I have other symptoms now and wanted to know if other people have similar problems.

I get sore areas at the tips of fingers,these then have small bleeds under the skin,I am also getting repeated swelling and pain in tendons in wrist elbows fingers etc.These can come up very quickly be up to 2cm square sometimes bigger and last for a couple of days.I have previously seen a rheumatologist they said fibromyalgia but I don't think that really explains these symptoms, but I am reluctant to go back in case they just send me away again.So I wondered do you have symptoms like this and what we're you told?Thank you.

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Hello Jane 1964

I do not have any real help and I do not share your symptoms, but I would urge you to return for further advice if for no other reason than to get peace of mind.

good luck and best wishes

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Thank you for replying.I think I will go to see my doctor and ask for a new referral to rheumatologist.


Hi I have PBC & fibromyalgia. I'm not a medical professional I don't have the finger tip thing but have the wrist, tendon muscle joints things. There is no swelling with fibromyalgia. A rheumatologist is the best referral for this. X


I would talk to the people at the PBC Foundation, link at the top of this page. Arthralgia can happen in people with PBC, but fibromyalgia seems to be common too. There are things to help the fibro, ask your GP.


Do your fingertips break out into sores or ulcers. Could be raynauds/scleroderma. Another auto immune manifestation.

There is a raynauds and scleroderma forum on HU


Yes they do .I will have a look at the forum.Thanks a lot.Jane


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