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IgA high with ASMA... normal?

whenever I've looked for ASMA positive info it seems that there is a supposition that IgG is also raised, if it isn't and IgA is what would that mean?

I was recently treated for a helicobactor pylori infection would that sort it?

Had lots of scans which say liver looks ok, hepaologist says fatty liver,but in pain everyday.

Anyone had similar?

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Hello. Have you been diagnosed with PBC?

When I started itching early 2010 my LFTs were found to be abnormal. I had the GGT taken at some stage later on, that was abnormal as it is normally with PBC. I had the antibodies test later that year and I was found to have a 'high titre' of AMAs (anti-mitochondrial antibodies). I also had ANA at same time, that was negative. I was diagnosed with PBC from these Dec 2010.

There are other elements that can cause our LFTs and probably other blood checks to be temporarily abnormal. Even taking a new medication with having PBC can alter the LFTs.

I did read that fatty liver can be a stage with PBC but also other normal people can develop fatty liver like an obese person for eg and I imagine an alcoholic too. There is also the other liver condition NAFLD (Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease).

PBC as I understand it can cause liver pain. I only still have itching and the abnormal LFTs and GGT, nothing else as yet with PBC.


Thank you Peridot, no I haven't just fatty liver but I'm not happy if I'm honest had a lot of problems over the last 2yrs with flank pain fluctuating LFTs, chronic stiffness and now these ASMA results. I am still overweight so I now this will be seen as a significant contributory factor, trying my best to work on this but the lack of mobility is really restrictive so it's 99% diet based.


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