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hi im needing a bit off help with my esa appeal and backdated monies owed to myself

i was sent a letter 2 days after my appeal tribunal sayin i have been passed with 15 points onto esa wrag group (recived letter 29th feb 2014 )

stated on the letter they sayed i will be payed wrag group from feb 2nd 2013 witch is 55 weeks in total

i had recived a payment on 4th march 2014 for £450.42 (works out 15.8 weeks )

i rang esa that day and asked them what was the payment for and they sayed it was backdated money from

24 dec 2012 to 8th april 2013

now they are saying im not due any more moneys cause i missed a work focus interview but they cant tell me a date or day ( ive been to them all to date )

does any 1 have a clue whats goin on as they payed from 24th dec 2012 till 8th april 2013

if i due from 24th dec 2012 = 61 weeks @ 28.45 = £1735.45 - £450.42 (they already payed )= £1285.03

by what letter says

due from feb 4th 2013 - 24th feb 2014 = 55 weeks they owe me £1564.75-£450.42 = £1114.33

i am very confused about this and no one can tell me anything on there side from esa

sorry if posted in wrong place and thanks in advance for your replys chris :)

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Are you on Facebook Chris? I have a group on Facebook that I set up for such issues - ESA, DLA, JSA, Appeals, Tribunals, ESA50's etc


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