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Has anyone had Liver pain decrease after starting on urso ?

After years of high liver test I was finally diagnosed after having pain on my right side and being referred to a GI specialist. I started urso in December and my liver counts have come down significantly and I think my right side pain has reduced but I still can't sleep on my right side. Has anyone else had pain reduced after starting with urso ?

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Hi yes I was the same. You need to take UrSO for a year to get the full effect. It will take down the inflammation in the liver slowly and you will get more comfortable. You just need to be patient I'm afraid, if you are heading the right way I'm sure it will happen.


Thanks Val, I've only been on it a couple of months and I was hoping because liver counts were getting better the inflammation would also go down. I've read the liver heals itself fast and am hoping the meds slow down the damage being done.


Yes, Urso does help. I get pain, now, only after eating too much salt or fat. I'm never comfortable sleeping on my right side, however. My liver enzymes have restored to normal on Urso but I still have cirrhosis.


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