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Scleroderma is attacking neuropaths in legs. Anybody else with this problem please?

About two years ago I started losing sensation in my toes. Then my balance became quite bad. I tested positive for Romberg's in October, and had an MRI to see if my balance mechanism in my brain was the problem. It is not. My consultant said it is the neuropaths in my legs under attack. The treatment for this is very expensive and funding has been applied for. As yet I do not know if it has been granted.

I would be very interested to know if there is someone else on this site with this problem? Especially if they have had this treatment and is now better. I was told there is no guarantee of success. There is pain and aching in my legs after walking. Rather similar to Flu - type sensations . The pain kept me awake last night after a short walk.

I try to keep positive , but it is quite a problem . I'd love to hear from anyone else whose legs and balance is affected .

All good wishes to everyone. ( Spring has sprung guys! We all need this now after the long haul of Winter don't we. )


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