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neuralgia in the mouth

hi this is my first post 3 years ago i had a bad accident while on holiday in las vegas a holiday i was really looking forward to i fell flat on my face hit my jaw and upper lip the hospital which stitched me up was very good saved my mouth but after returning to the uk had very bad toothace and in a lot of pain since now my doctor put me on amlytripaline for the pain its much better now but still get bad days with it i had the tooth out to relieve the pain i had a very good dentice whos now retired but he put a dental bridge i already had another dental bridge the opitsite side so now have 2 dental bridges my dentice thinks i fratured the jaw but it dident show on the xrays but told me they dont show up i thought it was nerve trouble my dentice said it would heal but couldent tell me when .id be happy to hear of any feedback !!


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