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dear lord now what!!!

some of you kindly answered me recently about bleeding gums.ive tried gentle toothbrushes mouth washes etc to no avail.they still bleed when brushing also now when i eat something and worryingly when im just sat/ laid.has anyone else experienced this please?im going to docs next week.last time i saw dentist she said there was no reason for this and she didnt blame pbc.since then started urso altho can only tolerate 500 mg instead of 750 .looked on google and leukemia popped up.so far theyve reckond on cancer of womb/ pancreas .il be a nervous wreck soon.

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Hi cazz22, sorry to hear that your bleeding gums are still a problem. I understand that having this is quite nerve wrecking, but it's not that long anymore until you see your docs. I don't know how bad your PBC is, but I read that you sometimes can get problems with the fatsoluble Vitamins such a Vit K.

I see you still only can tolerate the 500 mg. Are you actually on 3x 250mg or are you on 3x 750 mg? I remember that you said that you had massive problems with diarhoea. For me it was the abdominal pain and nausea and to top it all I got constipated as well. However, I got started on Omeprazole 2x 20mg which did a good job. I am tolerating the Urso much better now. Maybe, something like that would help you as well.


cheers littledragon.im on 250mg x 3 ursofalk daily.this last week finally slowing down with loose motions(sorry).if i stay this comfortable till weekend im going to try yet again the third capsule.really frustrated over my gums tho and not the most atractive look with blood edging my teeth when i talk to someone.tempted to try peroxide as a mouth rinse.


Woah, is it as bad? I have heard that warm saltwater or the peroxide could help with that as well, instead of brushing teeth. I really feel with you and can understand that you are getting so frustrated.

I hope that your diarrhoe will finally stop. That must be very uncomfortable as well. I am myself on 3x300mg.


well best week ive had with tum upset since starting urso so il give it another try.do think its something with my gums though even tho dentist doesnt think so.just rubbing my hand over my mouth and and they feel tender.i am a bit ocd with my teeth and clean them seberal times a day.two or three times with toothpaste and several tomes with water.ive nice teeth but never had this bleeding.even gently touching my gims with my finger makes them bleed.


Strange. I thought a lot of people had a few problems with teeth and gums as they got older. I know nowadays it seems the norm for a dentist to keep on filling and capping, etc teeth to preserve them and I've never been wholly convinced that is the right way to go.

I have worked with ladies who are retired and do have a lot of retired friends and nearly all of them had false teeth before they were aged 40.

They never seem to have had any problems later on with having false teeth and it does make me wonder as I've got quite a few fillings (never had any false ones or crowns/caps or whatever they are called as yet) and some being older, can't help but think perhaps whatever the filling was made of is slowly leeching into my system.

I noted you had mentioned the C word in your post but surely if anything like that could perhaps be thought, wouldn't the white blood cell in particular be showing some query here.

Hope you find some answers.


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