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about what to do after winninng my appeal after 11 months ov waiting

i wonder if you can help i won my appeal on 15 5 2013 with the support conponant i went to get paid wich my money should have gone up it didnt i phoned dwp and they said they havnt appeal papers yet so iv sent them mine also im getting letters saying my cotrabution eas runs out in a month then after that i get they other esa a will i still have to put sicknotes in even wen wining appeal also soon as dwp have my paper work will every thing get sorted out as im in ill health plus it said on my appeal papers support componant also recomended not to be reasest for 24 months please can somebody exsplaine all this to me thankyou its just really worrying even worrying now after winning appeal

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First of all well done on winning your appeal.

it seems to take weeks and weeks for them to sort it all out (think someone mentioned about 8 weeks) and with all the changes at the moment the time has probably grown longer.

I hope you kept a copy of the paperwork you sent them and I would phone them again to ask whether you still have to send sick notes in.


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