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Really fed up


Hi all , got told late last year I had ulcerative colitis, autoimmumhepititis and PBC, have now found a lump in my neck and got to go for x ray and ultre scan , could be a goitre , symptoms are dry skin itcy skin achy legs memory fog . Really fed up how much more can go wrong , trying to keep my pecker up but it's so hard xxxx so sorry to moan to you all . But so many things gone wrong , husband I'll , son got attacked by a police dog , then my sister suddenly died , what's else can go wrong xxxx

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Hi sillybilly, life can realy throw curve balls and it seems you are getting far too many.i have felt crap too, I have started taking citilopram, its ant suppressant and have to say it has taken the edge of the moods swings and total miserable feeling. Go see your GP and ask for something. I know we all hate taking extra things, but it will help.I too have been bombarded with other health issues and the hardest thing i find is seeing 3 different consultants that never look out side the box, they only see their area and dont look at me as whole person. all my illnesses are related too.I am not going to say hang in cos we dont have a choice, but maybe have some you time, long bathes, small walks on your own, try and escape a little every day, Good luck and be kind to yourself xx


Do you have secondary sjogrens? I have this and get lumps in my neck. When they scanned my neck they found that i had destruction of my saliva glands which were causing blockages. Also if you have hypothyroidism this can cause lumps so you may need to rule this out

sillybilly in reply to Hidden

Thanks for reply' I have under active thyroid so it could be linked xxcx have to wait and see xxcx

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