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NEW Website

Over the past few months, we have been working very hard to bring you a new website. We hope that you find it user-friendly, easy to navigate and full of information to help understand and deal with Pernicious Anaemia.

We have brand-new sections as well as an easier to use FAQ.

Do let us know what you think!


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Kudos for the layout and content!

Great news about the Active B12 tests being available in the US.

Hope it will come to Canada as well?

The checklist for symptoms of B12 deficiency is very enlightening.

Thanks for the team work that went into this project,

All the best


Hi Mashby

We will keep everyone updated with developments of the Active B12's availability on the website.

Great to hear such positive feedback, we hope you enjoy using the new website!


As someone who is in the process of investigation/diagnosis I found the web site easy to use but was a bit peeved that some information on symptoms and diagnosis is only available when you pay to join the society. Because of this I looked elsewhere for information

I appreciate you are a charity but I also have Lupus and everything I needed to know was free to access. As the site was so helpful I joined the Lupus Society.


Hi DaleDiva

I'm sorry to hear your problems regarding the site - we are currently in the process of unlocking the 'symptom' information and making it available to non-members. It was available unlocked in other places on the site and have only just been made aware of this inconsistency.

I hope the unlocked symptoms list will help you and that you feel better soon.

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Thank you..... I hope I feel better soon as well :)


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