New admin, rules and changes

The Pernicious Anaemia Society was alerted by one of the forum members about recent problems here. The former admin volunteer disappeared. I am now the (only) admin. Any problems, send me a message.

Please read (and understand) the following:

This forum is an initiative of the Pernicious Anaemia Society. It is intended to share knowledge, experiences and opinions related to a pernicious anaemia, and everything that comes with it.

Opinions expressed on this HU Forum are the users’ own, not those of The Pernicious Anaemia Society, and should not be considered to be a substitute for medical advice. You should consult a qualified medical practitioner if you have any concerns over managing your own health. Professional medical advice should always be sought before starting or changing any course of medication, therapy or treatment.

Please also read point 3 of our terms and conditions on our website. pernicious-anaemia-society....

This forum is for sharing knowledge and experiences and for support and recognition. Not for anything else.

I have to read up on everything that's been said and reported, so if you did not get an answer yet, please bear with me. It will take a bit of time to get into it all.

Petra , the new admin

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  • welcome and thank you Petra

    good to know that there is an administrator around again.

  • Thanks. Don't know how much I'll be here as we've got a society to run (and a foundation) but I'll try. Just shout when something's up.

  • Some of the HU forums operate with volunteer admins - have you thought of asking some of the obviously dedicated members if they would be willing to do that? A lot better than having no-one readily on hand.

    [I am thinking of my "home" forum of Thyroid UK.]

  • Of course I've thought about that, but I just got here. i don't know you all yet ;) We see how it goes..

  • I liked:

    3.5.4 : Use only one account to access these message boards – users creating multiple accounts will be suspended

  • I have a Nokia mainly because I like the "simple" windows type interaction I can have with the phone and pc... I don't know how people manage multi accounts as my steam phone is about all I can manage... Plus all those passwords with b12 def would see my b12 depleted in no time... 😊 Glad we have help here today...

  • I agree with helvella on 3.5.4!

  • No problem... Thank you too.. I think we all appreciate your support and help.. I did report because of the way Clutter was being treated.. I've only ever found her and everyone on here really helpful, and it can't be underestimated the effects of having somewhere and other people that ACTUALLY know what you are going through...

  • Scorpiojo I also put in my displeasure.Retren.

  • Hear hear scorpiojo. Agree.

    Also welcome Petra. Great to have you here.

  • Hello PAS-admin

  • Thank you, Petra! :-)

  • Thank you for your efforts Petra.

  • Welcome! :)

  • Welcome. Here's hoping we will all behave ourselves so that you won't have much to do :-))

  • Hi Petra..Sorry to contact you via an old posting, wasn't sure how else to do it. Its a query about an e~mail I received this evening from someone called Hippocampal, it appeared to have been forward by HU?, & began by saying something like ...'my pharmacist told me not to use anything out of date' I think it was referring to a query I had about expiry date on B12 ampoules, but that was weeks ago, & the query was resolved .I didn't click on to the complete e~mail as I cant see why a reply would come to me & not appear on the forum?. Am I right to be cautious?, was this genuine?.

  • Hi. If you click on my name you can send me messages privately as well. I saw the posting as well, it was an answer on an old post by you. You got a notification by email that someone answered to your post. It's also on the forum, but it was double and I deleted one. The email is sent by HU to notify you. If you click it, you'll see the link to the post. So yes, it's genuine.

  • We now have two new admins :) I'm very glad they've agreed to become admins and help to keep this forum running smoothly.

    Welcome as admin and a big thank you to fbirder and Gambit62!

  • Hi PAS- admin,

    If you make a new post with this information members will see it and comment.

    Only people who have ' followed ' this post will get notification that there is a ' new reply' to it.

    Hope this helps P,

    I'm delighted that Gambit62 and fbirder have agreed to be Administrators.

    J 👍

  • One of the reasons I am no fan of this HU forum...Thanks!

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