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B12 Injections

I have Pa which was discovered in October 2012, I had my loading doses but since then have not had any injections, some people say they need them every 3 mths, mine has nearly been 6 months, does this mean they have gotten it wrong and I dont have PA or once its diagnosed you have it for life, this is worrying me a bit but the Doctors dont seem worried and the last time I had a blood test for this 2 mths ago it was 700 and the doctor said I shouldnt let it go lower than 500 so thought I should have another injection a month later but ive heard nothing, what should I do or should I just wait.

Any ideas


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Hi, There are those who may reply whom demonstrate a deeper understanding and knowledge re B12 than me but my understanding is ; loading dose then shot every 3 months is the normal treatment without neuro. symptoms. My levels were around 700 1 month after loading dose and GP said this was fine. A pathologist friend said it was on the low side and almost required another shot. There seems to be a lot of either lack of understanding/knowledge or differences of opinion within the medical profession. I dont understand why because they have official treatment guidelines. My approach is that if I start to get symptoms then they need treatment.

hope this is of some use and that you are feeling better than last October.

Be well.


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