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Will these injections be for life?

I am 21 and my level today was 105. My doctor diagnosed me today with pernicious anaemia I am starting treatment on Tuesday injections every other day for 2 weeks. He told me it will be administered either in my stomach or my bottom. This seems to be different to what other people are saying as they had it In there arms? Also I asked will he monitor it regularly as after the initial every other day for 2 weeks it will then be every 3 months for the rest of my life. He said no he won't be monitoring me. When I said is it defiantly for life he said yes. Others have no said it is until it is stabilised! Any thoughts?

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I was diagnosed with PA 4 mths ago and I had loading doses like you have and I have a blood test every 3mths or so to see what my levels are, you're dr has to monitor you he can't just leave you,so make sure he does otherwise find someone else who will.

Good luck and keep us posted with how you are getting on.

Take care



I said this as I was wondering how he would know if the treatment is working he Sid no point in doing a blood test as it will be high? Where have you had your injections? As I'm worried about the stomach!

Thanks for your reply


With levels of 74 I had injections 3x a week for 2 weeks which is about the same than yours . but then monitored after 1 months to see what effect the loading does has had. after that the plan is to inject every 3 months. Then I will book an appointment with my GP every 3 months and request a retest of bloods. I dont see how you can know the dose levels are correct if not monitored. However if I start to feel tired/unwell again I will return to GP earlier than 3 monthly. I am injected in the upperarm which I understand is the usual site but I have heard of the stomach and butt being used. I believe it just has to be injected into muscle,


My GP told me the injections would be in the buttocks - which I really was dreading. However, when I went to get the loading shots done (by a different nurse each time), all of the nurses used my upper arm. When I expressed my relief that the doctor was wrong, one nurse even joked "He's a doctor, what does he know!" :oD


Yes usually you should have checks on your blood at least annually, my initial experience is many years ago so I have difficulty in remembering exactly what happened but I have mostly had the injections in my butt alternate sides every three months. And as far as I am aware it will be for life, my mother was the same she continued having them until she died of other causes at age 83. So they kept her going. Try not to worry about having it in the stomach, I have had injections in the stomach for other reasons and like you was very nervous about it, but found it amazingly easy and not uncomfortable at all, but ask if you can have it elsewhere if you are still worried as to my knowledge as long as it goes into muscle it doesn't matter where it is injected. Anyway good luck I hope it will make a difference to how you are feeling. Don't expect to feel a lot different for a while it takes time to get your system up and running again. All the best.


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