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E Petitiion

Hi there. I came across this petition related to Vitamin b12 deficiency/pernicious anaemia.

Unfortunately it only seems to have 247 signatures. From reading the HU PA area and the web pages it does seem that many people experience great problems being diagnosed/treated.

If you feel strongly, here's an opportunity to make your voice heard!

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Just added mine, now 250 xxxxxx


Yay! I found it on a facebook page and thought it a shame that it was slipping through the cracks. :-)


I wish I could sign it to help, but I live in the US. Hope lots more people sign between now and next January. All the best.


give it a try nedi it asks which country.


Thanks for posting this Irene, I have signed and shared.

Because of this group I have been suplimenting my 3 monthly injections boy what a difference, will always be grateful.xx


This like Thyroid is a Cartel supported by the NHS and the Royal Colleges , was in a dier state .with fatigue and tongue and mouth ulcers , GPs were sending me for blood tests that they knew would prove negative . My Dentist got a referral to Maxillio Facial which proved PA ,

but did not get B-12 injections until I went back 2 weeks later saying was no better (always open letters to GPs now ) Consultant phoned GP while I was present and read the Riot Act .

But 2 yrs ago was put onto 3 monthly which only lasts barely a month , was told GP medical insurers will only allow 3 monthly , so have to buy my own .


just found this blog,and I have signed the petition x


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