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Government at it AGAIN - Supplements Interference

Apologies if this has already been posted on here, I have not checked in every day.

This below is what I have been sent. If you have Facebook pages, this would be a great way to spread the petition. Thanks JLTsirius


The government is once again planning on reducing nutritional supplements to clinically insignificant levels.

This means they will no longer be effective for (i) recovery from illness or (ii) maintaining optimal health. Instead, they are intended (by the government) to only prevent 'nutritional deficiency disorders' - although how this differs from someone's need for high levels of vitamin B5 to prevent chronic fatigue due to their weak adrenals is a mystery.

Once again, we have the opportunity to support a campaign -

which, if it fails, will result in a significant decline in millions of people's health. Unfortunately, even though those millions buy nutritional supplements, getting them to sign a petition takes a lot of communication.

So if you could pass on the above link to your list, Facebook page, Twitter, etc., it can only help.

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Thanks for passing this on. In North America the RDAs are considered not to be sufficient.

It is just another sign of governmental interference and control. I refuse pharmaceutical

drugs because of their side effects. And if my cells ever become cancer prone, I refuse chemotherapy. To keep cancer away one has to balance alkalinity vs. acidity.

Take a look at:

Very good advice to keep our brains healthy and functioning. Look at the list of ALKALINE

oils in food.

In good health



Signed! Scary how the government just have to interfere in things they know little about :(


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