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A small number of rogue drugs companies are fleecing the NHS out of millions of pounds a year.

"They’re exploiting a loophole that allows them to buy up the rights to everyday medicines, hike up the price, and hold our NHS to ransom. It means our cash-strapped health service is forced to spend millions on overpriced drugs rather than spending it on the care our friends and families need.

The solution’s simple. The government just need to shut the loophole. They’re aware of the problem but have been dragging their feet. The story’s been exposed in the papers today."

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    As you probably know, many people on the Thyroid UK site have had their medication for T3 refused because GPs are becoming unwilling to prescribe it, owing to the massive increase in price by the pharmaceutical company. It's available OTC in many European countries for pennies !

  • Another disgrace! Well done NHS!

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