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Cheers everyone:

Below is link to excellent source for all lab tests for PA/IDA, with exception of the new holocobalamin available in the UK. All tests are described in great detail, their description

of neuropathy symptoms is one of the best I have come across. I suggest that reviewing

this material patients can be better informed of what to ask next time they see their GP.

It even lists as symptom the inability to detect low blood sugar periods. I had those but did not know what they were until last week.

Best wishes in your endeavours to attain good health,


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this site i hav esen before and it is a brilliant site i hav ejust looked up adrenl/insufficiency and it could have been written for me- i know bloody well i had 3 of these crashes and i was left to fend for myself after reading dr p and dr jame s wilsons and dr. ed. licten. and seing a nhs pd, i may havedied it is appalling this site above is brilliant i have printed it off and plucking up courage to send it to endo... but dont want t o upset him as he is nice.


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