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Radioactive treatment or not?????

Hi There. Im after a bit of advice from anyone who may have had, or got this prob. Ive pernicious anemia, plus good old thyroid probs to boot. My endo has only met someone like me 3 times in his 20year career,as i not only have an under active thyroid ,i swing the other way and go over active too. I display traits of both extreames. Endo has sugested Radioactive treatment, but is unsure of the out come really. Other options are thyroidectomy, or stay on meds, which im told do your liver no good.Just recently ive been told test west "Normal". Has any one else had this???

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Hi Mona,

I just wanted to say that if you have radio active treatment you will allways stay on meds, so not sure what would be different for you, re:"or stay on meds, which im told do your liver no good"..

Also thyroid can stop being a problem once into meno-pause so also something worth remembering! .

Kind regards,



Thanks Marre.

I didn know that. The meds for over active, Carbimazole are the tablets that are supposed to be bad, im not sure about thyroxine. Also not sure feeling ill with various ailements are to do with the thyroid ,or Pernicious Anemia probs. I think they want to sort one issue first. :-(


Your endo is not up to date on treatment.. What was your original diagnosis..were you diagnosed as overactive or underactive. Carbimazole is for hyperthyroid..I am on the same and I have never heard of these meds being bad for you. Wouldn't it be simpler just to reduce the amount of Carbimazole when you swing underactive. This is what my endo does.


Hi. original diagnosis under. I wasnt monitered very well in the beginning.I am now over ,the endo says im swinging from one to other. i display both sets of symptoms of varying degrees at different times. At the mo i seem to be on an even keel, and i think i will opt for radioactive treatment. He says it MAY settle down ,but asked how long im prepared to wait.


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