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Aching legs and Hands

I wonder if this is connected to B12 and Thyroid problems, I have had for the last two years sore hands at first they thought it was Carpal Tunnel but no, then they thought I had had a trauma to my hands eg, fracture, break but no again, went to see a physio for a few weeks but in the end said there was nothing they could do would have to just get on with it, which I have been doing but still very painful, then about a year ago my legs started hurting and aching, again they think its because my muscles are tight at the back of my legs but it doesnt hurt at the back of my legs it hurts at the front, the Drs dont really want to know but there has to be some reason why all this is happening and I wonder if anyone out there can help please give me some answers that I am not getting anywhere else.

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I do not know the answer, but have you had your vitamin D level tested?


No I haven't has my vitamin D level checked, should I what will that do, does the lack of vitamin D have something to do with my aches and pains?


i have same sensation with in my legs prodominantly in my calfs

have recently developed hand tremors


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